Online teaching #issue 2

Hi!😀 I am a tutor and as if now I am teaching for 2 batch. First batch is high school and second batch is junior high school students.

I am following 2 unique method to handle them. Yes😄, I am going to say some of my secret methods and tips to make learning interesting to them😇.

On my next issue will be about the _____?

Let now you guess😁

Learning Japanese

I try everything, at present I started learning Japanese 😇

What😰 how can you read a language which is so different from English?

Yes,😉 I love to try a different things. so, I am going to learn them, it will be little hard but it is going to be Interesting.😌

I will share my experience and you can join them😇

Live the life

Teaching and Online teaching

Hi!!! good morning🌞

Online teaching is a great education revolution but, it as both pros and cons, now let’s get into the topic “my way of teaching.”

Actually, I use unique way of teaching it name is ” ETP “.

I will realise the concept and details in upcoming days because I am doing my research on them more than 4 years. It is to be very difficult in getting data.

But I have already realised some tips

In our bog, the further discussing concepts we be know in detail

Concepts like


online education,

my research on education,

traditional learning,

best way to teach,

What qualities needed to become has a good tutor,

Tips for tutor,

How to grab heart of children,

learning different languages,

impact of language and more

I need your support to continue our journey and research, it was my dream.

So, I need your help please just give feedback it will help to develop us in all the was.

So, stay safe and stay great 😇

Happyness is in our hands

Online teaching 1st day experience

Hi guys!!.. as a tutor for 2 years, I am learning new things every day. After the covid19 lock down, it was very difficult for everything and especially for education.

I just started to teach in online, that was really interesting and little difficulties to be a tutor, especially math tutor.

As I am a math tutor, I found it difficult because first their was many technical issues to over come it too bit long time.

Second big issue is new students, we can easy get attention of old student but their are new student we need of get introduce and get familiar. Then only we can travel in same mindset and understand the my style of teaching.

On my first class, I just introduced myself and ask them to introduce themselves

I just try to understand them, their knowledge in subject, their passion, what they want to became, interted subjects, etc.

Then I said about who I am were, I am from, what is my style of teaching, what are the material needed for the subject, my interest, etc.

And on the first day of my online tutoring, I just make intro of myself, students and subject.

And that it of my online teaching 😄

And it was more fun

For knowing more of online teaching and tips follow me 😇 and this is mind words

And post your likes and comments

Stay safe

How to make peace in life – issue 2

way to make peace is

1. Sharing

2. Teat everyone as you

Next, never expect from anyone. It is the important action with will destroy your happiness.

Never ever expect because if you starting expect, you will definitely dispointed. It will destroy your peace because of you opposite person will also feel stress.

So, point is not to expect



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How to make peace in life – issue 1

First are you sure to bring peace then okay, we can get into the topic.

You need peace in your life and same as that every individual need peace in their life.

So, how can we bring peace in us and others.

Their is only way, treat other as your.

If you get pain by a word or by an action anther person, you should not do it to other because you felt pain of the action and you should stop giving then to others. It will give you the peace in your life.

It will definitely change your life. But not in a minute or in a night. Change needs it’s own time, till the time comes you should stay calm.

I will promise you. You get what life you want but remember that not you ask.

Money or power will not bring peace. You will be remembering that their will be a one and only chocolate sharing half to your. Their is the peace, bring the habit of sharing.

Believe in you and understand in others.




“Stories are expression and experience of once life.”


Hi everyone, I am here to narrate a beautiful fantasy story. now we can get into the story…..

One fine morning, their was two friends a strongest Neem and flourishing Mango trees had started their day.

Mango “Good Morning friend!!!!”.

Neem “ahhhh….. happiest morning, what’s the matter your are seen happy”.

Mango “Nothing must big, but while seeing the Brightest Sun I feel light-hearted”.

Neem “Oh really, can I know why you are cheerful by seeing the Sun”.

Mango “Yes my friend, because Sun is the super power, brightest and biggest, so I feel it was like you”.

Neem “Of course Sun is brightest, but that’s not the reality”.

Mango “Oh really!!, then what is the reality!. Can you say me?”.

Neem “ok I will, Brightest Sun is arising in the morning and running away at the night by seeing the Darkness”

Mango “okay, but then who is Greatest?”

Neem “Yes I will, shining Moon will spread its light in night and not afraid of Darkness”.

Mango “How is it possible. I can not see Moon now”

Neem “Moon will learn to shine in morning and spread shines in night”.

Mango “Oh really, I had never heard about it”.

*caution – This Story and Picture belongs to MindWord00 Moral Team and Photography Team.

It was already mid of the day,

The next part will be updated on this month last.



This story by

Shinro 🌹

Who has the Power to Do

Hi I am your mind ooh…. I am your word ooh….I am kidding. I am your mind word. come on we can get into the story.

Once upon, there was a Man who want to grow a beautiful Tree🌲.

But years ran faster, 😇Angles came to take him because it was his last day on the earth🌏.

He was taken to the God🌟. The Man saw the God asked with 😠anger and disappointment “God, my only wish is to grow a Tree. But, why you have not help me to do?”

God smiled😊 and replied “Dear son, I was there waiting for helping you.”

Man “Then why you have not help me?”😤

God “I am waiting for you to plant a seed in soil, without seed 🌱their will not be a tree🌲, without your step their will not be help for you.”

Man felt a shame for his behaviour. And understand his mistake😢.

But the kind hearted God❤ give him a last chance to redo his action and blessed him with new life💫.

And the Man finally understood that “who has a power to do”.

The story by

Shinro 🌹

Good morning

Hi I am your mind ooh…. I am your word ooh…. just I am kidding. I am your mindword. Come on we can get into the topic.

Hi!!! Good morning. ( with smile ) 😀

Make your day more vibrant, it will help you to transfer your thoughts into ideas.

Say good morning, because it will psychological speard positive atmosphere, it will help you to enhance your thoughts too ever more successful.

Good morning, (with greater smile)😀

As per the researcher, they believe that a smile uses 700 different facial muscle and produce a some kind of reaction that helps to improve positive in you and peoples around you

Wishing, greetings others is a good habit. You start and there is no end, because it is a chain reaction, it will spread like a good 1 to 2, 2 to 4 and goes on…..


With a great smile. Please give a tips to improve my blog.

Thank you


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